PR News Corp: The Global News Portal

PalaceRecruitment.com is the worlds first and leading independent news aggregation service. Fully-automated, and on a continuous basis, PalaceRecruitment displays breaking headlines linking to news websites all around the world.

Our mission is to help provide people with links to the news they need to read, and publishers with people to read the news they write.

Launched in 2017 with fewer than ten sources, today PR News Corp links to tens of thousands of publications, from top news brands to alternative news sources — all on a single platform.

We operate thanks to our unique filing engine, which matches breaking news articles in real time against our thousands of carefully crafted keyword-based topic specifications — delivering relevant links to users, and relevant readers to publishers, in seconds.

Our website, which is among the top news destinations, is generally visited by over 4M unique monthly visitors and receives in excess of 70 million page views per month.

ThePR News Corp Network: Publisher Benefits

Valued by publishers and readers alike,PR News Corp regularly drives in excess of 45 million primary article views per month, and many more secondary article views, making it a significant driver of traffic to online news publications. Presence on the PR News Corp platform confers kudos and provides critical brand exposure in the news marketplace.

PR News Corp includes links to free-to-web articles as well as those requiring subscription, registration or micro-payment, thus driving value to publishers in the form of additional sales of paid-for services.